Does Nature Make Us Happy

Posted on 2014/04/02

Links between happiness and natural world are of growing interest in the research on happiness, health, psychology, and economics more widely. Although there is not much evidence found on nature's positive effects on one's level of happiness but it is already proven with studies that green environments boost subjective wellbeing.

The Emotional Value of Happiness

Posted on 2014/03/31

Francesca Reigler says "Happiness is an attitude; we either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same".

Attitude plays a major role in determining whether we remain happy or unhappy in a particular situation. It is our choice to be happy or sad regardless of what situation we are in.

What NLP can teach you about being happy

Posted on 2014/03/24

Happiness is something we all crave, but not all of us have found. There are several schools of thought on what happiness means and also how to be happy.

Some Interesting Reads on Happiness

Posted on 2014/03/19

Too many of us rely on self-help books to make our lives happier. We don’t try to look within for the explanation to the problems we encounter, instead we want a readymade solution found somewhere in those books. Scientists believe that we can do with 40% to make our lives happier but there is always a need to develop positive emotions and hit the books to become happier. We have to set meaningful goals and prefer experiences over stuff. We feel happier when we reflect on experiences as compared to things. If the human quest to understand the underpinnings of happiness attracts you, but you end up in hives at the mere list of self-help books, you’re in luck. We’re not here to introduce you to nap-inducing books, but here’s a short list of really good reads on happiness that will keep you motivated and inspired.

Emotional Intelligence Facilitates Happiness: A Case Study

Posted on 2014/03/13

Everyone wants to live a blissful life and we express emotions that are intended to the accomplishment of a happy and prosperous life. Yet our built-in emotional and habitual system is not perfect. The function of emotional experience in getting one’s highest aspirations needs to be modified, guided, and supplemented by higher order knowledge, skills, and objectives.