Love Being the Source of Happiness

Posted on 2014/03/10

George Sand says, there is only one kind of happiness: to love and be loved. Many people may not agree with the fact that love is the only form of happiness in this life. Despite being the only source of happiness, it is one of the major sources that have a positive impact on human well being. We feel happy when we are filled with love and we know that we are valued and being loved. When you are in love it not only cleans up negative thinking but also lessens your pains and sufferings. Love cleanses our inner self and we feel blessed and remain calm through thick and thin. It also fills our surroundings with joy so in order to achieve long lasting contentment and pleasure, the need is to develop ability to care for others around us. 

Possessiveness can’t be called love because love is another name of compassion, patience, and give others the freedom of expression. When you’re asked to advise others, only give your opinion; don’t force them to see the world with your eyes. You can’t cram your ideas down the throats of other people because everyone grows in his own way and in his own time. Love is to desire well being for others. It relates to physical intimacy but it is more of an energy that redirects our minds from bad thoughts. When we’re in love, we involuntarily think good of all others, be it our spouse, friends, off springs, or colleagues.  

Love is the supreme force that heals the entire world. No one can live without it. The vibration of love is essential for our survival because love is the Infinite power. For example, every tiny drop of water whether it is in a glass or a lake, comes from one source, ocean. Similarly, everything, be it animate or inanimate; originates from a single source and that source is love. Human beings, animals, and plants all spring from love, respond to it, exist in this Infinite source, and need it for their survival. When a person is unable to receive the expression of love, he’ll look for it in abnormal ways. Such as a deprived child who didn’t receive natural love from parents and siblings will withdraw him but will still seek for love. In case, this lack of love continues in his life, he’ll develop dysfunctional relationship in his quest for love in unhealthy ways i.e. addiction, alcohol, or feelings of insecurity.

Numerous studies have proven that when we try to make others happy through our love and concern, it actually revives the entire atmosphere. This also boosts our self-esteem because when we show sympathy to others, we’re also treated in the same manner. When our heart is filled with love, it acts like a stimulus that causes happiness. There are no other means to lead a joyful life than to love others and enjoy the feelings of being loved.

The social calamities and political challenges that the world faces today create tension and make people hate each other. Communal, regional, and national differences and disparities have developed an indifferent attitude and we don’t care for our fellow human beings. We always talk in terms of superiority and don’t show respect to others’ religions and castes. Universal brotherhood and unconditional love has lost its meanings.

The genuine feeling of love and empathy towards others is not a major concern for individuals and societies. We show insensitivity when others are in distress. This has taken much of the delight from our lives. We may give the fake impression of love and concern, but it is worth considering whether really we have such emotions. If heart remains filled with resentment, hatred, and aggression, it points out that we’re far off from loving others and living a blissful life.