What actually makes us happy

Posted on 2014/02/17

There is no single thing that is the key to a prosperous life. In fact, a growing body of research demonstrates how incorporated everything we do and think is. Almost all happiness involves connecting our minds, emotions, physical well being, and souls. This interconnectedness is wonderful because it makes sense when we have multiple answers to the question what makes us happy. We feel happy when we buy a new car because it is a possession. Having less body fat gives us contentment because we will look smarter and it is a sign of physical well-being. Marrying our love brings joy to our soul. Hugging our kids or spending time with friends also gives us joy.

Why is it important to measure happiness

Posted on 2014/02/12

So what makes us happy? Friends and family, self esteem, job satisfaction, good health, and sense of security are some of the common themes that have emergedafter decades of debate over the concept of national well being, contentment, and happiness. You'll also find more illuminating examples of happiness when you ask people what makes them content. My friend says he would like to see his favorite breakfast served from heaven straight into his bed and this will be enough to make his day. My 9 years old thinks that a handful of chocolates is enough to give him smiles for the rest of day. My younger brother feels happier when looking at pretty girls. In general, the concept of happiness also keeps changing. For children, cuddles with parents, chocolates, stuff toys, and cartoons are important to make them happy. For teens, friends, sleep, alcohol, vacations, music, outing, and their personal gadgets are an asset.

‘Happy Barometer’ app released on Android with new photo sharing feature

Posted on 2013/12/05

The Happy Barometer app for mobile devices has been released on the Android platform on 5th of December. The new Android version also offers users an exciting new feature, not previously seen on the iOS version, which enables users to spread their happiness even further by sharing their photos on social platforms including as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as Chinese social network WeChat.

Happy Barometer app released!

Posted on 2013/10/24

You may know that during this summer IQ Polls inspired the release of a new social project called Happy Barometer. Well, it was really successful and many people shared in their moods and spread this response to others. This buzz has inspired us to move forward and let people to share their moods in more fun way, so we have created a Happy Barometer app.

Spread a little happiness

Posted on 2013/10/04

Today is World Smile Day!

When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you. This motto made famous when song by Louis Armstrong captures the spirit behind the Happy barometer and social campaign "Smile for Vilnius".  Why Vilnius? Lithuania is known as one of the unhappiest countries according to international surveys on happiness. So it was interesting for us to make a social project that would not only measure happiness, but also spread it and encourage people to smile more.